11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023

Are you dreaming of turning your YouTube channel into a money-making machine? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to take a deep dive into the top 11 highest CPM YouTube niches that can fill your pockets while you do what you love—create content!

YouTube isn’t just a place for cat videos anymore. It’s a vast world of opportunities where you can share your interests, connect with like-minded folks, and earn some serious cash. But here’s the secret sauce: choosing the right niche can make a massive difference in your earnings. That’s where we come in!

In this blog post, we’ll break down the 11 highest CPM (Cost Per Mille, which means how much money you can make per 1,000 views) YouTube niches. We’ll spill the beans on which niches are the cash cows and share some fantastic examples to inspire your content ideas. So, whether you’re a YouTube newbie or a seasoned pro, get ready to discover the niches that could potentially fatten your wallet.

1. Finance and Money Matters (CPM: $10 - $35)

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Let’s kick things off with the Finance and Money Matters niche. In this corner of YouTube, it’s all about helping people make sense of their finances. From budgeting tips, making money online to investment strategies, this niche boasts a CPM that can range from $10 to $35, thanks to advertisers eager to connect with financially savvy viewers.

Inspiration and Ideas for Finance and Money Matters:

  1. “The Dave Ramsey Show” – Dave Ramsey’s practical financial advice is not only life-changing but also CPM-boosting, with advertisers willing to pay a pretty penny.

  2. “The Financial Diet” – With budgeting hacks and investment insights, The Financial Diet is a favorite among viewers and advertisers alike, with CPM reaching new heights.

  3. “Meet Kevin” – Kevin’s witty take on real estate and stocks is both educational and entertaining, making advertisers flock to his channel and CPM soar.

2. Health and Wellness (CPM: $8 - $20)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - health and wellness yoga

Next up, we’ve got the Health and Wellness niche, where viewers are on a quest for a healthier life. This niche boasts a CPM ranging from $8 to $20, making it a lucrative playground for both creators and advertisers.

Inspiration and Ideas for Health and Wellness:

  1. “Yoga with Adriene” – Adriene’s soothing yoga practices boost not only your well-being but also your CPM, attracting advertisers willing to invest in health-conscious viewers.

  2. “What I’ve Learned” – Breaking down health and nutrition in easy-to-digest videos, this channel attracts viewers and advertisers with a thirst for knowledge and high CPM.

  3. “Doctor Mike” – With medical myth-busting and valuable health advice, Doctor Mike’s channel is not just healthy for your mind but also your wallet, thanks to that solid CPM.

3. Technology and Gadgets (CPM: $12 - $30)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - gadgets

Tech enthusiasts, it’s your turn in the spotlight in the Technology and Gadgets niche! Here, gadget reviews and tech tutorials rule the roost, with CPM figures ranging from $12 to $30, making tech advertisers open their wallets wide.

Inspiration and Ideas for Technology and Gadgets:

  1. “Marques Brownlee” – Marques dives deep into tech with precision and style, resulting in a tech-savvy audience and impressive CPM figures.

  2. “Unbox Therapy” – Unboxing the latest gadgets with flair, this channel keeps viewers hooked and advertisers eager to get their products in front of their engaged audience, resulting in high CPMs.

  3. “Dave Lee” – Honest gadget reviews are Dave’s forte. His straightforward style resonates with tech enthusiasts, leading to a solid CPM and happy advertisers.

4. Home Improvement and DIY (CPM: $8 - $18)

Now, let’s talk Home Improvement and DIY, where creativity and renovation take center stage. This niche can bring in a CPM ranging from $8 to $18, attracting advertisers looking to reach a hands-on, DIY-loving audience.

Inspiration and Ideas for Home Improvement and DIY:

  1. “DIY Creators” – Crafting DIY projects for home and garden, DIY Creators’ creative approach results in a high CPM, as advertisers want to be part of the DIY journey.

  2. “This Old House” – Offering home improvement tips and renovation guides, This Old House’s expertise has built a loyal following, with advertisers eager to reach their audience and boost CPM.

  3. “Home Repair Tutor” – Tackling common household problems, this channel’s practical tutorials have earned a solid CPM and the attention of advertisers.

5. Travel and Adventure (CPM: $8 - $20)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - travel vlog kirah ominique

Calling all adventurers! The Travel and Adventure niche is next on our list. It’s all about exploring the world and sharing your journeys. This niche can rack up a CPM ranging from $8 to $20, thanks to advertisers eager to reach a globetrotting audience.

Inspiration and Ideas for Travel and Adventure:

  1. “Vagabrothers” – Embark on journeys through diverse cultures and destinations with Vagabrothers. Their stunning visuals and travel insights attract viewers and advertisers, resulting in a solid CPM.

  2. “Wolters World” – Offering candid travel advice and destination guides, Wolters World’s straightforward approach keeps viewers engaged and advertisers interested in reaching their travel-loving audience.

  3. “Lost LeBlanc” – Documenting beautiful travel experiences around the world, Lost LeBlanc’s visually appealing content and storytelling skills contribute to a solid CPM.

6. Cooking and Food (CPM: $8 - $20)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - cooking

Get ready to tantalize taste buds in the Cooking and Food niche! From mouthwatering recipes to culinary adventures, this niche is a favorite among foodies and advertisers alike, with a CPM ranging from $8 to $20.

Inspiration and Ideas for Cooking and Food:

  1. “Tasty” – Tasty’s quick and delicious recipes not only make your stomach growl but also make advertisers eager to be part of the culinary journey, resulting in a high CPM.

  2. “Binging with Babish” – Recreating dishes from movies and TV shows, Binging with Babish’s creativity and attention to detail have captivated viewers and advertisers, leading to a strong CPM.

  3. “Gordon Ramsay” – With cooking tutorials, restaurant reviews, and entertaining food-related content, Gordon Ramsay’s expertise and charismatic presence attract both viewers and advertisers willing to invest in a tasty CPM.

7. Parenting and Family (CPM: $8 - $18)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - family and parenting

In the Parenting and Family niche, it’s all about sharing the joys and challenges of family life. This niche can fetch a CPM ranging from $8 to $18, with advertisers interested in reaching families and parents.

Inspiration and Ideas for Parenting and Family:

  1. “The Holderness Family” – This family’s humorous skits and vlogs offer a glimpse into the daily life of a modern family, resulting in a relatable CPM-boosting journey.

  2. “Dad, How Do I?” – Providing practical life lessons for kids and young adults, this channel’s helpful videos have earned a loyal following and advertiser interest, thanks to a solid CPM.

  3. “Eh Bee Family” – Entertaining with family vlogs and relatable comedy, the Eh Bee Family’s content resonates with viewers and advertisers, leading to a strong CPM.

8. Beauty and Makeup (CPM: $10 - $25)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - beauty and make up

Now, let’s dive into the world of Beauty and Makeup! From makeup tutorials to skincare routines, this niche is a favorite among beauty enthusiasts and advertisers, with a CPM ranging from $10 to $25.

Inspiration and Ideas for Beauty and Makeup:

  1. “James Charles” is a prominent figure in the beauty community, known for makeup tutorials and beauty challenges. His energetic and humorous approach to makeup content has created a dedicated fan base and a noteworthy CPM.

  2. “NikkieTutorials” offers makeup tips, transformation videos, and honest product reviews. Her expertise and authenticity have built trust with viewers, making her a sought-after choice for beauty advertisers and a high CPM.

  3. “Jeffree Star” reviews beauty products, showcases cosmetics advice, and explores the world of high-end makeup. His bold style and candid approach have attracted both viewers and advertisers, resulting in an impressive CPM.

9. Gaming (CPM: $6 - $15)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - gaming

Gaming has taken the internet by storm, and the Gaming niche is no exception. Whether you’re a fan of Let’s Plays, game reviews, or in-depth gaming discussions, this niche can earn you a CPM ranging from $6 to $15, attracting advertisers keen on reaching the vast gaming community.

Inspiration and Ideas for Gaming:

  1. “PewDiePie” is a gaming icon known for Let’s Plays and commentary. His energetic and humorous approach to gaming content has created a massive following and a high CPM.

  2. “Markiplier” specializes in Let’s Plays and reactions to horror games. His genuine reactions and entertaining commentary have made him a beloved figure in the gaming community, resulting in a solid CPM.

  3. “IGN” covers gaming news, reviews, and trailers. Their authoritative approach to gaming content has made them a go-to source for gamers and a preferred choice for gaming advertisers, contributing to an impressive CPM.

10. Pet Care and Animals (CPM: $6 - $14)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - pet care

The Pet Care and Animals niche celebrates the love for pets and animals. Whether you’re sharing pet care tips, heartwarming animal rescue stories, or showcasing adorable animal videos, this niche attracts animal lovers and advertisers interested in pet products.

Inspiration and Ideas for Pet Care and Animals:

  1. “The Dodo” is renowned for sharing heartwarming animal rescue stories. Their emotionally charged content has not only touched the hearts of viewers but also attracted advertisers who support animal-related causes, resulting in a solid CPM.

  2. “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” offers valuable dog training advice. Zak’s expertise in dog training and clear instructional videos have made him a go-to resource for pet owners and advertisers targeting pet products, leading to a commendable CPM.

  3. “Vet Ranch” showcases animal rescues and medical procedures. Their dedication to saving animals and sharing their journeys has built a compassionate community and garnered advertiser interest, contributing to a noteworthy CPM.

11. Education and Tutorials (CPM: $7 - $16)

11 Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023 - education and tutorials

The Education and Tutorials niche focuses on sharing knowledge through educational content. Whether it’s academic subjects or practical skills, channels in this niche attract learners and advertisers aiming to reach an engaged audience.

Inspiration and Ideas for Education and Tutorials:

  1. “Khan Academy” provides free educational videos on a wide range of subjects, making learning accessible to all. Their commitment to education has attracted viewers and advertisers supporting educational causes, resulting in a commendable CPM.

  2. “CrashCourse” offers engaging educational content on various topics. Their visually appealing videos and knowledgeable hosts have made complex subjects more understandable for viewers and attracted educational advertisers, leading to an impressive CPM.

  3. “Skillshare” features tutorials and courses on creative skills, offering a platform for creators to share their expertise. Their diverse range of content has built a community of eager learners and advertisers seeking to reach them, contributing to a solid CPM.

FAQ: Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023

What is CPM, and why is it important for YouTube creators?

CPM, or “Cost Per Mille,” represents how much YouTube creators earn for every 1,000 video views. It’s vital for creators as a higher CPM means more income per view, making it an essential metric to consider when choosing niches.

How can I find my YouTube channel's CPM?

Access your channel’s CPM data in YouTube Studio by going to “Analytics” > “Revenue.” There, you’ll find your channel’s CPM information.

Should I pursue a niche I'm passionate about, even if it has a lower CPM?

Absolutely! Passion should drive your content. If you love a niche with a lower CPM, go for it. Building an engaged audience can lead to other revenue streams beyond ads.

Can I switch niches on my YouTube channel to increase CPM?

Yes, but plan the transition gradually to avoid confusing your audience. Maintain consistency while introducing new content over time.

How can I attract brand deals to my YouTube channel?

Attract brand deals by creating quality content, building an engaged audience, and optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags. Join influencer marketing platforms and reach out to relevant brands.

Are these niches suitable for new YouTubers, or should I start with something else?

 These niches work for both new and experienced YouTubers. Choose a niche you’re passionate about, as enthusiasm is crucial for success.

How long does it take to start earning money on YouTube in these niches?

As of now the threshold to earning money on youtube is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

Are there niches with exceptionally high CPMs not mentioned in the blog post?

Yes, niches like luxury, finance investing, and legal topics can also have high CPMs. Explore niches aligned with your interests and expertise.

Conclusion: Highest CPM Youtube Niches In 2023

And there you have it, fellow content creators! We’ve embarked on a journey through the 11 highest CPM YouTube niches, exploring each one in depth and providing you with inspiration from successful channels within these niches. From finance to gaming, beauty to pet care, and education to technology, these niches offer a wealth of opportunities for both content creation and earning potential.

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