How To Level Up Your Feminine Hygiene – Best Feminine Hygiene Products

Let’s talk about How to level up your feminine hygiene and some of the best Feminine Hygiene Products and Tips you need to know.

Intimate hygiene is a lot more than just showering daily. As ladies we need to take care of our bodies. 

I’m going to be giving you essential tips on how to level up your feminine hygiene. These feminine hygiene tips are also super important for a fresh, clean, and healthy vagina.

Body Mists


The first thing I’m going to recommend is body mists. I always emphasize on having a skin scent and body mists are perfect for that. It is literally the second step after your lotion and it determines how you’re going to smell for the rest of the day.

You always want to have a base, and body mist is perfect for giving you that base scent. If you haven’t made body mists a part of your must haves feminine hygiene products, I strongly recommend you go out there and get you one.

Personally I love soft skin scents, my go-to body mist is Pure Seduction By Victoria Secret  Literally the name describes the scent, it gives you that sexy and edible smell. Another option to that I love is Pure Seduction Noir By Victoria Secret it really gives you that dark feminine seductive smell, get so many compliments on that one. It is absolutely gorgeous as a body mist.

I definitely recommend you invest in a good body mist, you’ll definitely thank me later.

Victoria Secret Body Mist - How To Level Up Your Feminine Hygiene - Best Feminine Hygiene Products And Tips

Body Scrubs - Must Have!


The second absolute must have feminine hygiene product that you need as a lady is body scrubs. I can’t stress this enough, especially if you have uneven skin tone around your body you need to exfoliate. If there’s going to be only one thing you take from this list, let it be this!

You will absolutely love your skin, your skin will instantly be softer and smoother. My go to is the Bella and Bear Goddess Sugar Scrub Not only does it smell amazing it leaves my skin feeling so soft! and it is a super affordable option for only $8.99. Another option would be Tree Hut Strawberry Body Scrub it feels great and the skin and smells so good.

If you have never used a scrub before you’ll love this, you’ll be amazed at how soft your skin would be after the first use. Remember to only scrub twice a week.

Affordable Luxury Perfumes


Invest in good perfumes. This is super super super important. You do not have to have a lot of perfumes to smell good. 

I’ll make a different post about perfumes that make you smell cheap, not necessarily when it comes to price but it simply smells cheap. So make sure you sign up for the newsletter to know when I write it.

Invest in a good perfume, it doesn’t even need to be an expensive perfume. As a woman you need a signature scent. When you have a signature smell, whenever you walk into a room, we know you’re in the room. Whenever you leave the room, we know you we there. 

If you want to smell irresistible and luxurious, try these:

  • Replica Jazz Club By Maison Margiela: This is the perfect warm, spicy and sexy scent. This is perfect for a dark and sexy ambiance. It’s smells so good and so rich.
  • Ariana Grande Cloud: This literally smells like Baccarat Rouge 540, so instead of getting that for over $200, this is a perfect more affordable alternative. It gives rich vibes. It’s cloudy and airy for my girls who don’t like super strong scents.
  •  Yves Saint Laurent Libre Intense: This is on a whole different level, it’s giving wealth, money. It’s so captivating, literally the definition of grown and sexy. It is intense and smells so good. I get endless compliments on this. With this you smell super confident and luxurious. The best part is it literally lasts about 6-8 hours, it is totally worth the investment.

Whatever perfume you choose as your signature scent, just make sure it smells good and smells good on you.



The fourth way to level up your feminine hygiene is nails. Your nails should always be done 100%.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be done with gel or acrylic. Literally just a clean manicure would make you look so much more put together. It would also instantly show you’re high maintenance and that you take care of yourself. 

Nails are so important for self-care and feminine hygiene. Your nails can easily accumulate bacteria and germs and we use our nails to eat so just put that into consideration. When I say nails I mean toenails too of course, they should always look neat.

Personally I love my acrylic nails, my go-to is always French tips, nude or red nails. 

Oral Care


The next one on the list is Oral care, which I feel we tend to take lightly. Oral care is such an essential part of this feminine hygiene tips list. Your teeth is literally one of the first things people notice about you.

Personally if someone doesn’t have good oral care I can instantly tell when speaking to them. And it basically gives me a bad feeling about their overall hygiene, because if you can’t take care of your mouth and teeth, then I can only imagine down there and everywhere else.

Although oral care is super important, you do not need to do too much. You just need to brush as you should, try to do it twice a day if you can. I also always use Listerine Mouth Wash to kill bad breath. Becuase there’s nothing cute about having bad breath. Also always floss. Last but not least invest in a Tongue Scraper, most of the time the issues that you have with breathe is from your tongue and that’s because you’re not using a Tongue Scraper.

An additional tip, if you really really want to level up your feminine hygiene and looks try this DIY teeth whitening kit. It’s a fast LED light teeth whitener and you can easily whiten your teeth at home with it. It’s also very affordable for only $29.95, you can whiten your teeth at home and get that extra white smile. Get It Now!

Wax, Shave Or Laser


The third tip would be to wax, shave or laser. If you’re not into permanent hair removal you could definitely shave and wax which is fine. I personally would pick waxing over shaving.

I’m not a huge fan of shaving, because the hair grows back quickly and stronger in my opinion. For shaving, I would recommend using a shaving cream. I prefer it to literally shaving because it makes the process so much easier and helps to avoid bumps and cuts.

Now, if you want the hair permanently gone from your armpits, vagina, legs, etc. then laser is the way to go. Switching from shaving to laser is a huge part of leveling up your feminine hygiene.

Change Your Underwear


Girl, please, change your underwear. I’m not saying it’s dirty, but it’s old. We tend to find it more necessary to shop for clothes, hair, shoes and more, but when it comes to buying new underwear it’s usually not at the top of the list. 

Take the habit of exploring your underwear wardrobe sometimes. We do not talk enough about how important it is to change your underwear style and wardrobe. It is often said the type of underwear a girl wears determines her personality.

I would recommend you go for strings and lace panties. Not only do they look really good and sexy but they also let your vagina breathe. Once you start with strings and lace panties, you won’t want to go back. Learn to change your underwear the same way you change your clothing.

Silk Nightwears


Another must have feminine hygiene product is silk nightwear and sleepwear. It will make you look very elegant and feel very clean but what I love most about it is how soft it is on the skin. 

If you have to sleep with clothes on, let it be a silky and soft material. It is super elegant and classy as well for when you aren’t alone. Even when you’re alone in silk you just feel so feminine and clean. A woman and silk goes hand in hand, give it a try, Get A Silk Night Gown or A Cute Pajamas Set in a sexy color like nude, black, red, royal blue etc. If you’re with your significant other, he will definitely appreciate it as well. Something to add to it while you’re at it, Try Out A Mulberry Silk Pillow Case for once, it is soft, breathable and comfortable and super good for your skin. Once you try it once, you’ll be hooked.

White Towels To Improve Feminine Hygiene


The nineth feminine hygiene tip I have for you is change your towel often. It sounds self explanatory but you’d be surprised how many people make this mistake. Please do not use the same towel for weeks.

Typically you should only use a towel for a couple of days. The tip I have for you is get white towels. I know how hard it is maintaining white towels but that is exactly the point, it will be easier for you to regularly change it because you will clearly see when it’s dirty. You will quickly see how much dirt the towel has accumulated and will be faster to change it. So if you’re still using dark colored towels, stop, Order A White Towel Now!

Water To Improve Feminine Hygiene


This list would not be complete without adding this tip of course. And i know you’ve heard this a lot, but it remains a fact.

Drink less soda and drink more water, water is super important for you feminine hygiene. 

Water helps clear up your skin and keep it clear. It also helps flush out toxins from your body. It improves digestion, improves circulation, helps with weight loss, it improves your mood and increases energy.


Face Wash


The last tip I have for you is Invest In A Face Wash. I know some of you still use the same soap for your body and for you face. That’s a no! 

While trying to learn about feminine hygiene you often find people discouraging you from using the same soap on your face and your body.

Please don’t use the same soap for your body on your face, this is because the skin on your face is obviously different from the skin on your body. The skin on your body is way thinner and requires a lot of tenderness. 

A good face wash doesn’t need to be expensive. I recommend you try out face washes from Neutrogena and CeraVe. Like the popularly known Neutrogena Grapefruit Acne Face wash, it is a really good one. You can also try out CeraVe Hydrating Cream To Foam Cleanser With Hyaluronic Acid, it works with all skin types. The hyaluronic acid really helps to give you that glass skin look, it is also super effective and affordable.

Whatever face wash you decide to go for, be sure to choose the right face wash for your skin type, whether that is oily skin, dry skin or combination skin.


That is everything i have for you for now on feminine hygiene products, but i have many more posts about femininity, self-care, self-love and self-improvement. Be sure to subscibe to the newsletter to stay updated.

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