How To Tap Into Your Dark Feminine Energy

Today we’re talking about Dark Feminine Energy. What is dark feminine energy? what are the qualities of it? and how can you embrace is for yourself?.

What Is Dark Feminine Energy?

Dark Feminine Energy is the shadow side of femininity. It is is for women who want to be mysterious, powerful, passionate and seductive. It is for classy women with high standards and clear boundaries. These women are extremely confident and do not permit or allow disrespect towards them. They are aware of their power and see through lies and manipulation easily. Contrary to popular belief, there is absolutely nothing wrong with dark feminine energy.

You can have your light feminine energy along with your dark feminine energy, to create a balance. As important as light feminine energy is, dark feminine energy is equally important, because there is no creation without destruction and no light without dark. Dark feminine energy is embracing failure, shame, guilt, and other emotions that we would normally repress.  

The dark feminine has immense power beyond what we perceive, and is the strongest current of energy in womanhood! Dark femininity isn’t manipulating people to get what you want or being heartless. Dark femininity is elegant and powerful. Commonly used symbols of Dark Feminine Energy are Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Megan fox. They do not waste time manipulating, they come as they are and know who they are.

The Importance of Embracing Dark Feminine Energy

Many women have been conditioned from a young age to suppress their emotions and desires in order to fit into societal norms. This can lead to feelings of shame or inadequacy when expressing their true selves. By embracing dark feminine energy, we are reclaiming our power as women and honoring all aspects of ourselves.
This includes acknowledging our anger, sensuality, intuition, and creativity without judgment or shame. In addition, embracing dark feminine energy can also lead to personal growth and transformation.
By confronting our shadow selves – the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden or repressed – we can break free from self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Ultimately, embracing dark feminine energy is about accepting ourselves fully – both the light and the dark – and living authentically without apology.

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How To Tap Into Your Dark Feminine Energy Full Guide

5 Dark Feminine Energy Affirmations:

  • I don’t chase, I attract, what belongs to me will simply find me.
  • I exude confidence and power, my approval is the only one that matters.
  • Even when I loose, I win, what doesn’t serve me doesn’t deserve.
  • I do not stress over things I cannot control
  • I will not allow people’s actions to ruin my mood.


– Miss Feminine

Today i’ll give you some qualities of women that are connected to their dark feminine energy.

A woman in her dark feminine energy knows who she is, she knows her desires and she gets them very very easily. She is very magnetic and very connected to her feminine energy.

1. Dark Feminine Energy Requires Being Mysterious

A woman in tune with her dark feminine energy does not overshare, she keeps to herself. She does not reveal everything about herself instantly and gives you nothing to wonder about. This is extremely seductive because you always want to know more about what you cant explain or predict, which keeps drawing you closer.

She is very quiet and very humble. She doesn’t say too much where others are revealing everything. She isn’t always talking about her accomplishments. You get to find that out by yourself. She does not post her entire life on social media and leave nothing to wonder about or make everyone think they know you already.

2. set clear boundaries

Dark femininity is all about boundaries. Limit the people that have access to you, there is nothing mysterious about a woman you see everywhere and everyone is always with. A dark feminine woman is very selective of the people she keeps around her. You will not find her with a ton of friends or with a large group of people. She chooses to be around high value people and isn’t seen everywhere every Friday night. She keeps her family and loved ones very close to her. She does not share her energy and life with everyone.

How To Embrace Your Dark Feminine Energy

3. Do not have FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Like I said earlier Dark femininity is all about boundaries. A woman connected to her dark feminine energy does not fear missing out on events or parties, in fact they should be happy if the see her show up at all because she is very lowkey and to herself. But when she eventually walks into a room be sure her presence is felt.

Your life won’t be impacted if you do not show up for every party or every event. It is okay to stay home somethings and do some self reflecting, home alone activities or self care. A woman in her dark feminine energy understands that she doesn’t need to be everywhere all the time.

4. Know the power of your absence

A lady in her dark feminine energy knows the power of her absence. If she is not being treated the way she is supposed to and the way she deserves, she will leave, this is a new era and we will not settle for less, we will not settle for the bare minimum.

She knows the power in her walking away, she’s not afraid to walk away from anything or any person that is not serving her. She does not need to argue or cause a scene, she is silent and she moves on. She knows the art in detachment, we need to know what is meant for us will come to us and what isn’t wont have to be. You need to have the mindset that you can always do better and will always do better, letting go or getting over a break up won’t always be easy, but trust me it is not the end of the world.

I myself haven’t had the easiest time detaching myself from people, but if my needs aren’t met by my friends or by my partner, I believe my standards are not too high and I can definitely get what I need somewhere else. She is not scared to walk away.

How To Embrace Your Dark Feminine Energy

5. Dark Feminine Energy never holds on to potential

You do not hope that someone will change, you do not beg or cry for someone to change. Absolutely not, this is 2023 and we are no long Bob The Builders. Move on! Walk away because your absence is power. Being connected to your dark feminine energy is having strong boundaries and a strong idea of self worth, You know exactly what you deserve and will not be treated as less than the queen that you are. You will not lower your standards and you will not settle for less. To embrace this step, you need to free from being attached to people and free from easily getting hurt.

You should never have to question if the guy you’re going on a date with is going to pay, any sign of broke man energy – NEXT CALLERR, at this age we are no longer going on date for free meals, if you do not see the potential, do not go on the date. Save yourself the stress, energy and the time. 

6. Dark Feminine Energy Requires Self-care

If you haven’t already check out How To Become A Feminine Woman. Taking care of yourself, looking good, looking like a snack is essential. It’s totally not debatable. Taking care of yourself both mentally and physically is equally important.

A woman strongly connected to her dark feminine energy loves herself and she is her number one priority. People often feel that is selfish and self conceited. But the truth is if you don’t look out for yourself then who will. What this looks like is caring for your hair, your skin, your make up, your style… etc. A woman connected to her dark feminine energy takes feminine hygiene very seriously, because you want to come in looking like you own the place, you want to always smell like roses, or smell like a snack or smell like vanilla.

There is no excuse for looking basic. She is always at her best with her looks. She is constantly leveling up and getting better. No one can keep up with her because she is constantly making moves and upgrading herself. And remember it is not all about looks but trust me taking care of your appearance can make you feel more confident and happier, it changes the way you walk into the room and the way you think about yourself.

”Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.”

How To Embrace Your Dark Feminine Energy

7. Prioritize pleasure

A woman connected to her dark feminine energy prioritizes pleasure. She has a sensual body language, is so confident and in tune and connected to her body desires. Such a woman can bring intimacy to a whole new level.

To do this, you need to have an extremely seductive, sexy and mysterious vibe around you.  For herself and for her partner. This is because working and hard, making money and achievements are important, but she prioritizes playing and love too. Letting your passionate, seductive and adventurous side out is a priority as well.

It is the dark feminine energy that leads the passionate and seductive part of a woman’s life. If you are not connected to your dark feminine energy you are missing out on reaching new levels in your intimacy experiences.

7. Become An independent boss

A woman connected to her dark feminine energy trying to come off as confident, well dressed and mysterious. An important part of this is being an independent boss. There is nothing sexy about a broke girl/woman. And as a woman you should not be broke. So make sure you’re putting in the work to level up and become the best version of yourself. Start that business, focus on it and be consistent. Start that blog or YouTube channel, put more effort into that side hustle.

Check out our list of easy business ideas to start for boss ladies. Find something you love, that you can be consistent with because consistency is key. Nothing more attractive than a feminine woman that makes her own money and is her own boss.

7.Confidence level 100

Now I think we all know that the most important thing to make this work is confident. Practice becoming more confident. Believe in yourself more,  because you are beautiful and you are worth drooling over. First step is believing it, second step is showing it so others see it too. There is just something extremely impressive and attractive about a confident woman in her dark feminine energy. This step is key!

In conclusion, try out these points. Take note of them, practice them and remember them. Connecting and embracing your dark feminine energy can change your whole mindset and approach to things. Aim for people to view you as mysterious, smart and beautiful, it all starts by viewing yourself that way and feeling that way.

And remember you are not responsible for other people’s feelings. You should be your number one priority and what you want for your life is what you should be working towards. If someone is making you uncomfortable or disrespecting you, you shouldn’t be scared to speak up because you do not care about hurting their feeling because your needs comes first.

Use both your light feminine energy and dark feminine energy to reach your full potential of femininity. To be in your divine feminine energy, put in the full work, meditation, therapy, coaching, self reflecting, planning, healing and much more…

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