Where to buy Arab perfumes? Best Place to Buy Authentic Arab Perfumes

Are you looking for where to buy Arab perfumes? After hearing about them or seeing all the hype surrounding them, then you also know there is a lot of fake Arab perfume out there, that’s why I’ll show you the only 2 places to look to get real authentic Arab perfumes. Look no further! 

In this guide, we’ll explore the top two destinations for purchasing genuine Arab perfumes: Amazon and Intense Oud. Additionally, we have an exclusive treat for our readers! Discover how you can Get 12% OFF on your order every time you shop at IntenseOud.com using the coupon code “MISS12.” 

Where to buy Arab perfumes:

As we all know Amazon has everything and anything. Amazon happens to sell original Arab perfumes and Lattafa Perfumes, making it a convenient go-to for Arab perfume shopping. Here’s what you can expect when shopping for Arab perfumes on Amazon:

🌸 Variety Galore: Get ready to buy more than you planned! Amazon has a ginormous collection of Arab perfumes, from big-name brands to hidden gems. Prepare to find your signature scent!

🌸 Real People, Real Reviews: No more guessing games! Thanks to honest customer reviews, you’ll sniff out the perfect perfume, knowing exactly what you’re getting, and find out what others have to say about it as well, making it easier for you to blind buy.

🌸 Deals, Deals, Deals: With multiple sellers, you’re bound to find sweet deals and steals on your favorite fragrances. You can compare prices and find the best deals.

🌸 Lightning Fast Delivery: Amazon Prime lovers, you already know! Get your scents delivered to your doorstep faster than you can say “Eau de Parfum.”

If you’re worried that you might still stumble upon the fake version on Amazon then just go straight to The InstenseOud Website. For an authentic Arabian perfume experience, Intense Oud is your genie in a bottle! Brace yourself for a perfumery adventure like no other.

Now, waydaminute! At Missfeminine.com we always find you the best deals, you can sprinkle a little savings magic with the coupon code “MISS12” Enjoy 12% OFF every time you make a purchase. Your wallet will thank you!

🌸 Oud Extravaganza: Hold your breath! Intense Oud prides itself on curating a luxurious selection of perfumes made from the finest oud – the crème de la crème of aromatic delights.

🌸 Crafted with Love: Prepare to be enchanted! Each perfume is lovingly handcrafted, capturing the essence of Arabian allure and timeless elegance.

🌸 Oud Beyond Perfumes: Discover a whole new world of oud-based goodies! From oud oils to incenses and wood chips, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

🌸 Perfume Whispers: Need a scent soulmate? The expert team at Intense Oud will guide you to find your perfect perfume match.

Arab Perfume Suggestions For Women:

Where to buy Arab perfumes? Best Place to Buy Authentic Arab Perfumes

Let me share with you the exquisite luxury of Mayar by Lattafa, a fragrance that embodies elegance, femininity, and pure indulgence. Let me tell you, this is the juiciest, fruity, sexy scent I’ve ever smelt. It’s giving sexy grown woman bathing in tropical fruits. Wear this and you smell literally edible, smells like a summertime cocktail. The longevity is like 6-8 hours and the projection is amazing.

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Top 9 Best LATTAFA Perfumes for Women 2023

Introducing Yara by LATTAFA, you must have heard about this unless you live under a rock. The fragrance is made for the sophisticated and feminine woman who effortlessly exudes beauty and seductiveness. Yara is a sweet, playful, and flirty scent, with some floral and tropical accents. Yara will have you smelling like a whole snack. Some even say it’s a slight dupe for Valentino Born In Roma.

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Best Lattafa Perfumes For Women - 8. lattafa ansaam gold

Let’s talk about my absolute favorite perfume, Lattafa Ansaam Gold! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The longevity is 7-8 hours. I can’t even begin to express how many compliments I’ve received when wearing this scent—it’s like a magnet for compliments! Trust me, you’ll want to get your hands on this gem.  It smells just like don’t be shy by Kilian which we all know is Rihanna’s go to perfume. 

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Best LATTAFA Perfumes - lattafa fakhar rose

Lattafa Fakhar Rose, a daringly addictive and sensual fragrance… This enchanting scent captures the essence of feminine sensuality. Fakhar is a dupe for Givenchy L’Interdit. This fragrance is practically a dupe for the high-end classic but without the hefty price tag. It’s a fragrance that embodies the epitome of elegance, sensuality, and luxury.

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Arab Perfume Suggestions For Men:

Top 10 Lattafa Perfumes for Men 2023 - Lattafa Fakhar for Men

You can’t go wrong with Lattafa Fakhar. It’s a very good clone of YSL Y EDP, with the same great performance. It lasts about 6-8 hours on the skin with about 2 hours of projection. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a great cologne that’ll have you smelling like a sophisticated man with an expensive taste. The packaging is amazing, and great for gifting. It’s a safe blind buy.

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Top 10 Lattafa Perfumes for Men 2023 - Lattafa Asad

Lattafa Asad is a fragrance that smells rich. It is an amber fragrance that has vanilla, pineapple and a lot of spices. It’s a perfect dupe for Sauvage Dior Elixer. It’s a 100/10. This fragrance is perfect if you want to smell rich, you want to command respect and you want people to believe you’re wearing a really expensive perfume then Asad by Lattafa is the one for you.

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Top 10 Lattafa Perfumes for Men 2023 - Kamrah By Lattafa

Kamrah By Lattafa is a really good dupe of Kilian’s Angel Share. This perfume has vanilla, amber, and Bergamot. It’s a warm, woody, spicy, and rich-smelling, scent. But the best part is the longevity which is more than 72 hours. An absolute beast-mode fragrance. And the packing and bottle I would rate a 10/10.

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Top 10 Lattafa Perfumes for Men 2023 - Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan

Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan is not hyped for nothing. The cap is magnetic. This smells so good, it’s giving summer, woody, pineapple in a masculine way. It’s fresh and light. The smell is absolutely delicious, this will have you smelling like money, sexy and alluring. It lasts about 12 hours on the skin and 24 hours on clothes. It’s a must-have! Don’t walk, run. Get it now!

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