9 Realistic Ways To Dress More Feminine – The Ultimate Guide

Are You Looking To Dress More Feminine? There are so many benefits when you Being more feminine and learning to Dress More Feminine. In this post I will tell you some Realistic Ways To Dress More Feminine, this will be The Ultimate Guide To Feminine Appeal. Femininity isn’t about wearing pink dresses and two ponytails.

No one can deny the power of a feminine appearance. As a feminine woman you want your wardrobe to portrait femininity and high value woman. When you dress more feminine it makes people want to cater to you, when you carry a feminine appearance it makes people want to treat you better because it shows that you take care and treat yourself well. A feminine woman is irresistible and attractive and people want to associate and be seen with her. Her feminine energy also attracts the opposite sex to her. 

Keeping us a feminine appearance signifies value, standard and elegance. When you’re in tune with your inner feminine queen, you stand and feel differently. You glow and shine differently. You feel deeply confident in everything and everywhere. You’re focused and unbothered, and therefore you focus on your mental, financial and physical growth. This is a mental state of freedom and freedom is a high form of luxury in life.

A feminine appearance is a combination of many aspects such as hair, nails, skin, hygiene, make up, fragrance, dressing and the way you carry yourself in general. Same way you can easily identify a gay male within seconds of him entering the room, is the exact same way a feminine woman shines once she enters the room. It is easy to identify a well kept, softer and feminine woman.

That’s why I always say look nice wherever you’re going, even if it’s just the grocery store or the gym. We should also note that most women tend to dress in an inappropriately sexy way in order to feel more ‘feminine’ and this isn’t what femininity is about. Let’s find out what the benefits are when you Dress More Feminine

“Femininity for me means happiness and freedom…freedom of being who you are in whatever shape or size you come in.” ~ 

– Kate Winslet

What are the benefits when you dress more feminine:

  • It is a form of self-care. When something is important, you take time to care for it. Every time i put the effort to dress feminine, I am subconsciously telling myself that I matter and embracing my feminine energy.
  • When begin to dress more feminine, it boosts consistency because it becomes an habit. We already know that choosing to dress well each day breeds consistency. Have you ever heard the saying “practice make perfect?”
  • It boosts your confident level so much, when you’re dressed well you also tend to feel better.
  • It changes the way the world sees you and approaches you.
  • Encourages you to dress better all the time. You will trust your ability to always pick out a stylish outfit to wear.

Dressing Feminine is a topic near and dear to my heart. It is something that I personally strive to do everyday, and I have seen the benefits in my everyday life. I love to dress feminine and classy because of how it makes me feel and the way it boosts my confidence level.

1. Accessorize with dainty jewelry

How does jewelry help to dress more feminine? Femininity is associate with soft, subtle jewelry pieces.

Try Dainty jewelry, Jewelry is essential in your dressing. Jewelry can improve an entire outfit by over 50%. Try to avoid heavy and over large type of necklaces and earrings. Go for a softer look instead. Try wearing more anklets, charm bracelets, subtle necklaces with pendants, rings, cartier bracelets and nice classy watches. 

Try to focus on more feminine accessories, I personally gravitate towards really dainty fine pieces of jewelry, whether its a thin necklace or a thin bracelet, a smaller faced watch or thin cute rings. Thinner thin tends to give a very soft and feminine look. 

One of my personal favorites are cartier bracelets, they’re super classy and well-known so it’s also sets standard. The original cartier bracelets are priced between $4,050 and $56,000. So I took the liberty to find a more affordable dupe for my girls. Here you can get a realistic looking dupe of Hermes Cartier Bracelet Gold Plated Hermes Bracelet w/ Cubic Zirconia for only $12.99. Totally Worth It! Or this Gold Plated Hermes Nail Bracelet With Cubic Zirconia for only $8.60!

2. Incorporate dresses and skirts to dress more feminine


It is absolutely no secret that dresses and skirts epitomize feminine style. Dresses and skirts are the only clothing items that are uniquely made for woman and ladies. So it’s only logic that incorporating dresses and skirts make you look more feminine.

Of course this depends on what you’re comfortable wearing, but dresses are a great way to for a lady’s appearance to scream feminine. There are dresses for every occasion. There are the fancy dresses for dinner dates and events, we also have elegant  office outfits with dresses and skirts, even for the winter I personally still love a good sweater dress. So there is absolutely no excuse to not add this to your wardrobe. 

One of my top picks for the dress is this

Feminine See-Through Mesh Sheer Puff Long Sleeve Dress ($44.99) on Amazon, one of the examples of many dresses I find very feminine, especially for women who have curves.

Let’s of course be logical with these tips. What I am not saying is wear a dress or skirt every single day or wear a dress to go hiking or jogging int the morning. 

Also try to focus on rompers, blouses with higher collars, they tend to look extremely feminine. Another  good example for dressing feminine is items with bigger shoulder and bigger sleeves.

3. Showcase More feminine elements of your body


What I mean by showcase more feminine elements of your body isn’t a lot of cleavage or extremely short and tight shorts. What i mean is showcase your shoulders, highlight your neck, show more collarbone. Highlight your perfect legs. Those things are not shown in masculine dressings, which makes them unique to dressing more feminine. You can even take this to the next step by adding a little highlighter to your collar bone and shoulders to make them ”pop”.  

4. Pay attention to colors


When it comes to dressing more feminine, paying attention to colors is very important too. I tend to select colors that are more pinks, blush, pastel, white, red (for special occasions to stand out) and cream tone, if I’m looking to dress more feminine that day. Personally my favorite color to wear is black and olive green.

Color is an extremely important key to dressing feminine. For example I could wear a sweatshirt, which normally wouldn’t look to classy or feminine, but just having the sweatshirt in a feminine color changes the whole vibe of the outfit. It all falls down to the colors.

5. Wear Heels


When it comes to dressing more feminine, wear heels girls, wear heels! Shoes can make or break an outfit. One of the easiest way to create a feminine outfit is to add heels. 

Heels play a big role in enhancing your femininity! They can be sexy and elegant, you don’t even need them to be extremely high! You can always give wedge heels a try or open toes. High boots are also a good idea to try out, like the picture below.

I didn’t get comfortable working on heels till I was 24 years old, it takes time and practice but if you already got the hang of it be sure to make sure of it. Learn how-to walk-in-heels so that you will look and feel confident any time you put them on!

Let’s face it. A lady with beautiful hair, in a floral summer dress and a cute pair of heels will look more feminine than a girl wearing a crop top, ripped jeans/joggers, and some Nike sneakers. That could still look cute if styled nicely but of course here we are talking about femininity so yes heels.!

6. Invest in your Undergarment


When it comes to dressing more feminine, there’s something very cute and feminine about having amazing looking lingerie or  matching set pants and bras. It certainly comes with a good feeling too, it makes you feel good about yourself and also in front of your partner. And who wouldn’t want to feel confident and sexy all the time.

And believe me you don’t need a certain body type or weight or size to be comfortable in a lingerie, just be comfortable in skin, it takes some practice especially if you’re shy but it is totally worth it because you are that beautiful and should feel that way.

Girls, we are so DONE with bad looking , worn-out undergarments! 

In fact, get into your wardrobe right now and get rid of all the dead bras with saggy straps, all the stained and slightly torn panties and every other nasty and unsexy undergarment. We’re more than that.

Clean and beautiful undergarments ensure the health of your kitty as well as making you so proud of being the feminine and gorgeous woman that you are! And let me tell you if you can’t proudly show off your undergarments that you need to get rid of them. Keep that in mind.

Check out these must have affordable lingerie pieces from amazon:


7. Skincare, Wax, Clean, Nails, smelling Good


What you ladies should know and always keep in mind is that everything about a lady speaks. From head to toe! 

Every single part of you matters as a lady, ever thing will be paid attention to. You don’t want to go to the nail saloon and get your hands done and neglect your toes. You don’t want to raise up your arms and have a whole bush of hair falling out do you? You do not want to rough hard looking skin that’s not glowing and soft. Every thing matters Stick to classy nail colors for your acrylic nails or press on nails such as white, pink or my personal favorite ” French tips”.

Personally i love to stick to white toenails but you can try other subtle and classy colors to see what works best for you. For my black girls and wig lovers, lay your edges!

Let’s make sure we stay consistent with our skincare routine and use our vitamin c serum. Now a very important thing, shave! shave! shave! We’re no longer walking around hairy everywhere. Stop it! 

Now one more thing is you need to make sure you’re always smelling good. Invest in your perfumes and body mists, it is super important. Let your perfume do the talking! And you do not have to break the bank to do that. Here are some options of affordable perfumes that will make you smell like a snack!

8. Find outfit inspirations


If you’re just starting to dress feminine, it is very important to find outfit inspirations. Start by finding inspirations on some outfit ideas, save the ones you like somewhere you can easily get to them. You can get outfit inspirations from magazines, blogs or social media. I usually get mine from Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is definitely one of my favorite places to get outfit inspirations.

Another idea is to look at celebrities or influencers who look like you or you love their style. You can save the pictures and go back to them when you want to go shopping or want to dress up. You can always try to mix up different feminine aesthetics such as romantic, classy, boho and elegant.

8. Have a classic handbag


This step is not only for feminine ladies, but it’s a must in general. You need a classy handbag. It is totally necessary to invest in a good hand bag. Any time you want to look more feminine grab a stylish handbag that compliments your look. Invest in a handbag that is durable and will go with many outfits. A good handbag will compliment your look. For your basic everyday handbags i suggest you stick to black, brown and white. Colorful hand bags will come in the picture later but make sure you have these first.

Here are my top picks for classy must have handbags: 

  1. Chanel Luxury Handbag Pillow
  2. EVVE Women’s Classy Handbag

  3. HAYNER Women’s Leather Handbag

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