50 Date Night Questions You Never Thought To Ask Your Man

Girl, Imagine going on a date and you guys are finding it hard to come up with things to talk about or date night questions to ask. This can happen for both new couples or even established couples. Date nights for established couples can feel boring sometimes if you talk about the same old things all the time. Talking about work and your day doesn’t have to be the primary focus of nights when you’re trying to have some fun or reconnect as a couple.

So, here is a list of 50 date night questions that you can choose from to ask him on your next dinner or date night out.

The trick is to really talk about the answers in depth. 

The point is to get to know your partner on a deeper level all over again. Learn and find out new things about each other and reconnect on a different level. This will increase your feelings of closeness, connection, and romance and intimacy, which is the whole point of date nights!

No matter what restaurant you pick for date night, I’ll always pick you. One smile can’t change the world, but your smile changes mine. Every night I spend with you is my new favorite. I’ll do date night wherever as long as we’re together

– Miss Feminine

50 Date Night Questions You Never Thought To Ask

50 Date Night Questions You Never Thought To Ask: 

  1. What is your love language?
  2. Do you believe in true love? And what is it to you?
  3. What impression do you think you give someone when you first meet them?
  4. 3 words that best describe you
  5. 3 words you feel best describe me
  6. What are 5 things that irritate you most about the opposite sex?
  7. Tell me the story of your first kiss
  8. What is something you’ve done that you regret till today?
  9. What feature of mine do you find most attractive?
  10. Where do you see this relationship in 3-5 years? (for already established couples, you do not want to ask this on a first or second date)
  11. What does your bucket list look like?
  12. If you could go back in time to give advice to a younger version of yourself what would you tell him?
  13. When was the last time you felt loved?
  14. When was the last time you felt loved by me?
  15. What is your definition of cheating?
  16. What’s your favorite part of being in a relationship?
  17. What has been your greatest accomplishment this year?
  18. What is your dream job?
  19. What is your favorite meal lately? 
  20. What would you rather have an unlimited supply of? Money or Power?
  21. Do you believe in ghosts and in life after death?
  22. What is something you love about yourself?
  23. What is something you hate about yourself?
  24. What are your fears? What are 3 thing you are actually really scared of? 
  25. How would you like to be handled when you are angry? Do you prefer to be held and taken care of or do you need personal space to calm down?
  26. How do you handle frustration?
  27. How do you deal with disappointment?
  28. Name a time you felt like you weren’t good enough?
  29.  What are your thoughts on kissing on the first date?
  30. What’s a deal breaker for you in a relationship?
  31. What annoys you most about people and humans?
  32. Would you take back a cheater?
  33. Do you fear commitment?
  34. Do you stay friends with your exes?
  35. What is the most attractive thing about women?
  36. Is suffering a normal part of life and living?
  37. What kind of parent do you think you would be? A strict one or easy going one? With examples…
  38. What is the bare minimum to you?
  39. Do you feel a woman should pay half of all the bills or do you feel as a man it’s your duty to provide?
  40. Three words you’d use to describe our last months relationship?
  41. Do you consider your parents to be your friends?
  42. Who are your favorite people right now?
  43. What are the key things you love in a partner?
  44. What is the difference in behavior and looks of a for one night girl and a wife material in your opinion?
  45. What was your favorite date night we ever had?
  46. Do you prefer saving or investing? and why?
  47. What is your favorite hairstyle on your partner?
  48. What color do you feel i look best in?
  49. What makes you feel less alone when you’re sad?
  50. What’s your baggage?


That’s enough for today, i’m sure you’ll be able to find something that would keep the conversation going all night. Another suggestion would be to pass the phone back and forth asking each other questions, that way you both get a fair chance to find out what you’re curious about from the list.

This isn’t everything of course we have many more lists for each occasion. Now you have no excuse for both of you being on your phone all night or talking about irrelevant things or having a boring night. Now go make that reservation, you’re totally ready!.

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