How To Be A Baddie: Ultimate Glow Up Guide

Hey Guys, Welcome to, Here You’ll learn all about glowing up. You will learn How To Be A Baddie, how to become a high-value woman, and be the best version of yourself. Today we’re talking about how to be a baddie. So, Let’s get into the tea!

Being a baddie is more than face value, it’s more than your outfit, it’s more than your closet. Being a baddie is Aura, it’s confidence, it’s full body glow, it’s how you carry yourself. And I’m giving to give you all the steps to achieve that.

How To be a baddie: Step 1 - Self Love

Now I know this sounds cliché, but hear me out! Inner love translates to outer love, it radiates onto others. When you always remember that you are THAT GIRL, feel like that girl, you’ll be that girl, breathe like that girl, then simply be that girl. 

What people don’t understand is when you see these Instagram baddies and posting their cute pictures on Instagram. You can almost feel the confidence and self-love through the pictures, they know they’re gorgeous, they know they’ll have everyone staring and that’s important if you want to be a baddie. You have to be able to work in a room like you own it and you know it. You have to be confident, you have to know you’re pretty, and love yourself. You have to channel your inner baddie and stick with her!

How To Be A Baddie - Ultimate Guide To Become A Baddie

How To be a baddie: Step 2 - Feminine Hygiene

I cannot stress this enough, respect your body! Your body needs loving too. You need to feel good to look good. And most of all respect your coochie and take care of her. Now we need to get into this, coz they do not teach us this in school while they really should. You do not want to be that girl that raises her leg a bit and the smell of the room changes. And you definitely do not want to be that girl that when it’s time to do… you know… when the trouser comes off it gets hard to breathe. 

Get a feminine wash to use daily that’ll keep you smelling fresh 24/7. Try this: Summers Eve Blissful Escape. It will take care of your vagina’s ph balance and keep you smelling like fruits and florals all day long and it’s literally only $5 dollar. That’s a small price to pay to get that coochie right. Try it and thank me later!

Also don’t forget to keep your nails done, french tips is a nice classy nails every baddie does.

How To Be A Baddie Self Care Tips

How To be a baddie: Step 3 - Appearance

As a baddie, you want to look expensive, you want to look classy, put together, like a high-value woman. You do not want to come off looking cheap. You want to look like luxury and like money. You do not even need to break the bank, you simply present yourself like it. And your girl has all the baddie-on-a-budget goodies picked out just for you.

1. How To Be A Baddie - Outfits

Girl, first of all, buy clothes from wherever you want! You do not even need to go to an expensive store to look expensive. You can shop amazing-looking outfits from SHEIN for as low as $10, and still look expensive. So don’t ever think my clothes are cheap, it’s really not about what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. Even thrift stores have beautiful unique pieces.

Now about your outfits, start with basic colors, don’t start buying things that when you were it once everyone will feel like you’re always wearing that. Except it’s for special events. Buy basic colors like white, black, brown, olive green. That way you can combine more outfits with the same pieces and no one would even notice it’s the same #baddieonabudgettip. 

For baddie outfit ideas, go to the heaven of baddie outfit ideas which is Pinterest of course! And search ” baddie outfit”, if you want me to make a separate blog post only for baddie outfits, let me know in the comments! Mostly get things like baggy jeans, cargo pants, classy body-hugging dresses, and nice tops and t-shirts for lazy days. 

How To Be A Baddie_ Ultimate Glow Up Guide
How To Be A Baddie_ Ultimate Glow Up Guide

2. How To Be A Baddie - Shoes

When it comes to shoes, the same rules apply. You want to start getting shoe colors like nude, black, white, and clear heels. Something you can wear with everything, heels, and shoes that you can dress up and dress down. You do not want to start buying pink, purple, and blue heels, coz when will you even wear that?? Go for classy shoes that can match every outfit.

Also try out boots, if you don’t try out something how will you know if you look bomb in it?

3. How To Be A Baddie - Smell Expensive

If there’s one fact about baddies you need to know, is that they’re always smelling good. Not just good, super good, they smell expensive. So if we want to become a baddie we have to smell expensive too. Let’s set the girly vanilla perfumes, and talk about classy women’s perfume. Have you ever heard about Oud Perfumes? You must have heard of Barracat Rouge. These will have a smelling expensive with the capital letter E! Try Victoria Secret Bombshell Oud. Also if you can afford designer perfumes try Valentino Born in Roma You can get the smaller version which is only $30 as opposed to the big size which is almost $200 by clicking the link.

Another beautiful option for signature perfume is Don’t Be Shy, which is the perfume Rihanna uses and everyone says she smells like heaven. And who doesn’t want to smell like Riri? 

If you want something more affordable I suggest you go with Zara perfumes, they’re affordable dupes of designer perfumes but equally long-lasting. My favorite is Hibiscus, it smells amazing, like flowers and roses mixed with love and summer.

4. How To Be A Baddie - Designers

Baddies wear designers, hold up… You don’t have to break the bank to wear designer. Let me explain, we all know when being a baddie on a budget is shopping at DHgate. Where you get it doesn’t matter, it’s how you wear it. Do you know even celebrities wear dupe designer sometimes, but no one knows because they simply assume it’s the real one! If you carry yourself like a high-value classy woman, it’s easy to assume you’d only wear designers. 

Now allow me to put you on to some DHgate Dupes Must Have for baddies:

5. How To Be A Baddie - Hair

If you want to be a baddie, your hair should always be on point. Know this, and know peace! Hair is one of the most important features that determine how you look asides your skin. 

If you wear wigs, make sure you invest in human hair, it’ll look much better and last longer. If you keep your natural hair always keep it clean and looking good even if it’s a simple hairstyle. Invest in hair perfume, so when you pass by everyone turns their head to look again. My favorite is Biosilk Irresistible Hair Perfume. I do not need to say too much about this the name ”irresistible” says it all.

Things that make you look cheap is sticky oily hair and crusty frontals or closure. Take care of your hair, the best you can. If you’re wearing braids do your baby hairs and keep them neat.

How To Be A Baddie: Ultimate Glow Up Guide
How To Be A Baddie: Ultimate Glow Up Guide

How To be a baddie: Step 4 - Money

Money is important when it comes to being a baddie. To look good and feel good, you have to invest in yourself. So if you want to be a baddie, you need to be willing to invest in your appearance. First things first, invest in your wardrobe. A baddie always has the latest fashion trends and loves showing off her style. Now, i did not say that you have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable options out there that still look amazing.

Next up is skincare and beauty products. A baddie is always ready to take care of her skin and hair because she knows that healthy skin equals confidence. Buy quality skincare products that work for your skin type! Keep your hair looking its best with regular salon visits and quality hair products.

Of course, being a baddie also means enjoying life’s luxuries. Enjoy life, go on solo dates, dinners, or vacations. After all, what’s the point of working hard if you can’t enjoy it? Don’t forget about investing in your education and skills as well! Take courses and grow your career or interests – this will lead to more financial success in the long run.

I know money is a sensitive topic online but the fact remains Money matters when it comes to being a baddie. Now, I’m not saying go broke trying to keep up with appearances. Invest wisely, shop at affordable stores, and save up for other days.

Baddies love money and that’s a fact.

How To Be A Baddie - Ultimate Guide

How To be a baddie: Step 5 - body glow

When it comes to being a baddie, having glowing skin is a must. You want people asking what products you’re using and do not gatekeep, a baddie always wants others to look bomb too. Your skin should be radiant and healthy-looking, giving off the impression that you take care of yourself inside and out. Here are some tips on how to achieve that coveted body glow:

Firstly, hydration is key. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin looking and feeling healthy. Drink about 8 glasses per day, but if you’re not a fan of plain water, try infusing it with fruits such as cucumber or lemon for added flavor.

Secondly, exfoliation plays a big part in achieving that body glow.
By removing dead skin cells, your skin will feel smoother and look brighter. There are several ways to exfoliate – you can use a body scrub in the shower, Tree hut shea sugar scrub always remains the best. It makes your skin super soft and glowing after the first use.

Next up – moisturizing! Keeping your body moisturized is important for healthy-looking skin. Opt for a rich moisturizing cream like Nivea Deep Nourishing which is only $7 instead of a lotion for extra hydration benefits and make sure to apply right after showering while your skin is still damp. If you’re looking for an extra boost of radiance, consider using a Glow Body Oil or illuminator

The image below is before and after using an Illuminator for your skin.

How To Be A Baddie - Body Glow

How To be a baddie: Step 6 - Surroundings

Girl, let me tell you something. It’s not just about you looking great, it’s also about the people you keep around you and the places you go to. You can’t come out looking bomb, luxurious and expensive, only to go sit at McDonald’s. Try out luxury restaurants sometimes, even if it’s just to get a drink. You go to luxury hotels and order something affordable. 

Surrounding yourself with luxury helps your mindset as well, and helps you want to work harder to constantly be surrounded by luxury. Invest in a business class flight ticket for once instead of the normal ticket. Experience luxury and get used to it.

Also, surround yourself with baddies, help your friends glow up, and let them help you as well. Don’t surround yourself with people who aren’t happy with your achievements. Keep your real friends close.

How To Be A Baddie - Luxury

How To be a baddie: Conclusion

Follow these baddie tips, remember that being a baddie is not only about looks, it’s also about confidence. Confidence comes from within and it shows in the way you carry yourself. Focus on what makes you happy and confident. It’s important to also remember that self-care is essential in becoming a baddie.

Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Follow these tips on outfit choices, aura, confidence-building exercises, body glowing methods like proper skincare routine or healthy diet habits along with practicing good vaginal hygiene for an extra boost of self-confidence when needed- but never forget that true beauty comes from within. Stay true to yourself always!

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